How to spice up your lipstick game

I believe every lady has that moment where she feels like her favorite lipstick shade has just become too monotonous or maybe you want to create a million dollar look with that favorite lipstick you always put on. At times you might even feel like the lipstick is just too plain and you don’t know how you can use it to spice up your look but guess what, I’ve got your back! I’m going to share a few tips on how you can up your lipstick game and of course, slay without much effort. Personally, I easily get bored by wearing the same lipstick over and over especially when it’s a trendy colour and everyone has it too. This has forced me to look for ways in which I can wear the same colour differently and it’s been working incredibly well which is why I thought of sharing this with you.

These days matte is the thing but hey, I think a gloss could add a twist to your makeup game (hmm someone just cringed right there lol). Invest in a good colourless, golden or bronze gloss and you can wear it to that dinner where almost every lady is wearing a red lipstick. In my previous article I encouraged you not to apply lipstick directly onto your lips. The same applies to a gloss, just put a bit of balm or chapstick before the balm to make it have a smooth look and feel. However, you have to note that although a gloss can glam up your makeup, it can make it look very cheap if not done properly. So this is how you can use your gloss:

  1. Line your lips with a brown pencil then apply your gloss.
  2. After applying your lipstick, lightly dab your golden gloss onto the middle inner part of your lips as a highlighter. (this is one of my favourites)
  3. Apply your gloss on top of your nude lipstick shade (I’ll explain below).


Lipgloss: Revlon Lip Lacquer, HD Smoky Quartz shade

Lip liners are somehow underrated but I think if used well, they are a good way of spicing up your lipstick. First of all, a lip liner defines your lips for that perfect plump pouty look and it helps in reducing your chances of smudging your lips as explained in my previous article. You can use the same lip liner colour as the lipstick or you can opt for a darker shade of the same colour or even a totally different colour coz there are no makeup rules anyway. Even if they are there, some rules are just meant to be broken (shhh I didn’t say that). For nude lipstick shades, please use a brown liner around your lips first then apply your lipstick. Most ladies are a bit skeptical when it comes to nude shades but hey, as long as you pick the right shade, line your lips and add a bit of gloss on top, you’ll definitely nail it.

Another way of spicing up your lipstick game is by wearing bold colours such as red, purple, pink and even black at times. Hmm I hope I didn’t lose someone there. Bold colours such as red and pink are a must have even for ladies with dark skin tones and yes you heard me right! There are many shades of red and pink and I’m sure if you’re patient enough, you’ll find the right shade for your skin tone. Usually, every lady has a red lipstick but when it comes to pink, mmmm that’s a bit of an issue right there. I recently got two pink shades during my lipstick shopping with bae and to be honest, I would have never picked them had he not suggested that I take them. I wasn’t really sure but you know the things we do for love, I just took them but guess what, those two are my favourite shades right now so go ahead and try pink too. Just to push you a bit, the thing with bright colours is that they suggest confidence and power and as we get into summer, they can be a great way of adding that summer vibe.


Lipstick: Huda Beauty, trophy wife shade
My all-time favourite is ombre lips, and these are two or more lipstick colours that are worn together. With ombre feel free to explore as much as possible even with those weird colours and shades. Just apply the darker shade onto the outer part of your lips, then the lighter colour onto the inner/mid-section of your lips. Note that you must apply the two lipsticks separately and only mix them if you intentionally want to alter their original colours. Applying the lipsticks separately will give you a smooth transition gradient where the two colours meet. You can add a twist to your ombre look by applying a golden gloss to your normal red, burgundy/maroon, or blood moon lipstick shades.

So the next time you go for your lipstick shopping, just step out of your comfort zone and pick a shade you might have not tried before including nude shades and I’m sure you’ll find a new fav there. Don’t forget to give feedback in the comment section below and also, feel free to give suggestions on any topics you might want me to discuss with you.



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