5 things girls do that guys hate

Probably at some point in life you’ve had a moment where your boyfriend just snaps on you and it seems like all he does is see your weaknesses instead of your strengths. You wonder why he no longer acts the way he used to or look at you the way he used to. All of a sudden you now seem like you’re the one who’s putting more effort into the relationship when it should be two-sided. Before you know it, the guy just says “babe, I think I need some space. We need to take a break”. Break from what? Love? Us? Is this the end or we’re going to continue when break time is over? These are just some of the questions that begin to boggle your mind and remain unanswered but…lets rewind and go back to the days when everything was ok….

Although there might be other factors that might push guys into such a position, I believe that most of the time we, ladies push them away bit by bit till they snap. I know we rush  to cry, get all emotional and blame for guys cheating on us but wait, do you think you’re so perfect? Cheating isn’t the only thing that can break a relationship so you need to watch out for these things guys usually hate:

  • Insecurity

This is the most annoying thing your boyfriend can ever get from you. The fact that you said yes means that to some extent, you believed that you’re his princess and he’d choose you over and over. If you weren’t sure would you have said yes? Constantly showing him that you are not secure enough or thinking that he’s up to no good will actually demotivate him and he’ll gradually lose interest in you. So even though you need to show that jealousy aspect, make sure it’s minimal too much of it can blow things up.

  • Constantly checking his phone

I don’t know how much I have to stress this point but please stop scrutinizing his phone. Some girls have a tendency of just looking for something when there’s nothing. You check his whatsapp, Facebook, call log, even emails lol! For what? I know at times you might be doing it subconsciously but please try not to do it unless you’re really sure that he’s cheating.

  • Comparing him with another guy

Please never do this! Men have a sensitive ego and the moment you compare him to your ex, your bestie’s bf or that insta couple, you’d have started trouble. In some way, you’ll make him feel less manly compared to the other guy and that definitely brings tension. Instead of telling him to be like some other guy, tell him how you want him to handle you but of course, do it in a good way he’ll appreciate that.

  • Acting like his mother

At times ladies tend to go all fussy and naggy which makes you look like you want to be his mom. I know guys make blind moves but hey, you’re his helper so help him without making him feel like a child. This goes back to the issue of ego, which you must handle with caution. Instead of telling him to do this and that or not to do this and that, why not help him do some of the things?

  • Not giving him enough attention

This one applies to both of you but not giving your boyfriend enough attention is the last thing you’d want to do. Have some time that you dedicate entirely to talk to your boyfriend or do some sort of activity together without any disturbances even if it means switching off your phone. Let it be bae-time.

I hope this article has opened up your eyes to see some of the things you were doing wrong. If possible, talk to your partner, ask him to tell you things he doesn’t want you to do and yes, apologize and start open a fresh page. Remember, a relationship is built  on trust, communication and mutual understanding. Comment below with some of the things guys do that girls hate and don’t forget to give feedback on how this article.



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