Dressing mistakes ladies usually make

“Dressing well is a form of good manners”- Tom Ford.

Your dressing can be linked to your behaviour or politeness. Im sure there are some people you just assume to be rude or snobbish just by looking at how they dress. Dressing is a language, and as Rachel Zoe says; “style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”. So if that is the case, what is your dressing saying about you? Are you not sending the wrong message by doing certain things or wearing certain things in a particular way? Well, lets find out…

Wearing a shouting bra under a see through top

Oh my! You don’t know how much wearing a shouting bra under a see through top just ruins your outfit. To some extent it looks like you wanted to attract attention to your body silhouette which might not be what you wanted. Neon colours are even worse because you might end up looking like a clown especially if you have other bright colours on you. Invest in darker colours like black, dark grey shades, or even nude shades. And by the way, there are nude shades for darker skin tones and they can compliment with your skin tone as well.

Not knowing your body shape

This is the most common fashion disaster that ladies make. We all cant be Kim Kardashian, Bonang, Pokello or whoever you might think of so why dress like them? There are various body shapes such as pear, hourglass, apple, rectangular, oval etc so why not research on which body shape you have and wear accordingly. Wearing things that are not suitable for your body shape will only make you think that you don’t look good enough and this will affect  your self esteem. Wear the right things that flatter your body and yes, play around with prints and designs to accentuate certain areas. (I think I’ll get into detail in my next For Her article)

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Wearing the wrong jean size

This is one thing that can be very uncomfortable for you. Most of the time we really don’t buy according to sizes, we just buy because it fits. Whist there’s nothing wrong with this, wearing the right size is always important. A size that is too small or too big is never good for you especially in public. If the waist is too big, you might end up having a bulge in the back if you try wearing a belt and you wouldn’t want that. At the same time, wearing a small size means you’ll constantly have to pull down your top to avoid leaving your pantie bare. So before you buy, try the jeans on and make sure they fit well and know the size.

Wearing uncomfortable heels

Ever seen cases where someone walks like a praying mantis in very high heels? Hahaha I bet you’re even guilty of laughing at such a person. If you are the person, don’t worry, I’ve got your back. To be honest, no one was born wearing heels so don’t assume that you can nail it just like that. Although very high heels might look sleek and all, settle for a shorter heel that is comfy and practice your way up the ladder. You can even go for kitten heels (something that has been driving me crazy of late). They are simple and comfortable yet they give you that classic feel. So whilst you’re wearing your shorter heels, work on the higher ones as well, practice, practice, practice!



Another thing that might do you harm in terms of your dressing is not finding your own style that defines you. Not having a clearly defined fashion sense means you’ll spend most of your time in trial and error mode and chances are, you’ll miss it. Discover what you like most, see if it suits your body and go for it. Whilst there are no “rules” in terms of fashion, let adventure guide or help you discover your fashion sense . Never let trends determine your wardrobe because at the end of the year, you’ll have a whole wardrobe full of outdated clothes that you can’t walk around with.

I hope you found this article helpful. Share with me some of the mistakes you’ve seen and who knows, you might help out a sister.



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    1. Hey, I think its all the same. It’s a matter of identifying what best suits their body. What is important is to avoid prints that might make them look bigger or older. A waist belt or pencil skirt helps accentuate curves and give an illusion of a smaller waist whilst dresses with a voluminous skirt will help slim down shoulders.


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