Discovering your personal style

Hey ladies! The past two/three weeks have been exciting. I’ve been talking about fashion and style from dressing mistakes ladies make to dressing for your body shape and today we are taking it further. After talking about some of the mistakes ladies make in wearing clothes that do not suit their body shapes, I talked of dressing according to your personal style. A lot of people then asked me; how do you discover your personal style? In as much as it might sound easy when said, trust me it’s really quite a long process but I’m going to help you with the first steps in discovering your personal style.

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style – Maya Angelou

When I say personal style I don’t mean those weird clothes models get to wear on the runway lol. I’m referring to that ‘you-ness’ (if there’s ever a word like that) in your wardrobe. By definition, style refers to a distinctive manner of expression. This means that in terms of fashion, it is your distinctive manner of dressing. If it was poetry this is the part where we talk of Shakespearean or 18th century style of writing but… school aside, let’s do some wardrobe fixing here lol. Although I might not be able to identify your style mostly because I’m on the other side of your screen, I’ve put together some of the key things that will help you identify your style. Please feel free to get in touch with me should you need personal assistance and by the way, I enjoy helping you.


First thing is learn from your wardrobe, By just looking at the things that dominate your wardrobe, you can easily tell what your style is like. Personally, I looove flopy/bagyish tops (I call them lazy tops lol) and I’ve discovered that they dominate my tops section. I feel comfortable wearing them and I guess that’s why I unconsciously got to have a collection. To some extent, I’m not a bodycon person and my wardrobe usually has very few to none of these. I even prefer wearing long dinner dresses that completely cover my legs or have a long slit. So from observing this, I got to realize that I feel more comfortable in loose tops and long dinner dresses, something that has helped define my style.

one of my “lazy tops” Got this one from my besty

The second thing is to get at least two fashion inspos. Identify someone whom you really admire. Usually, such a person will also influence the way you dress or maybe the way you would want to dress. A personal example is how I’m inspired by Bebe Angel. I noticed that I even got to relate with her fashion sense be it casual or formal (by the way, her fashion game is off the hook I tell you!).  My other style icon is  Letlhogonolo Charisma Tancredi. She’s also a minister of the gospel and an entrepreneur and I just love her style. Please note that when someone is your fashion inspo, you don’t have to be another version of that person. Use that person as a style guide and customize her look to suite your style.

Letlhogonolo Charisma Tancredi

Another easy way of picking your style is by dressing as the person you want to be. This is kinda different from having an inspo in that you deliberately choose to wear what your future self would wear. For example if you want to be a lawyer you might want to gravitate towards outfits and colours that suggest boldness and power (black or grey would do). When going for formal events you’d certainly want to dress like the lawyer you want to be. Remember that at some point you’ll definitely have to dress down. You might want to consider that as well when you dress as the person you want to be.

Olivia Pope in Scandal – Pinterest

Comfort results in confidence. How comfy you feel in certain outfits can be a pointer to what makes you confident and ultimately what your style is. Some people are very comfortable in wearing all black or mostly black. You might notice that black is the dominating colour in their wardrobe and they are most confident when they are wearing black. If you feel good in it, then you definitely look good in it. This applies to other things such as dresses, jeans, tops etc. Even if it means developing a vintage style, go for it, that’s what makes you comfortable!

Dress: Mazh Emporium


A radical or rather fun way of discovering your personal style is by being daring. It might sound scary but yea, step out of your comfort zone. Try something you would never wear and who knows, you might like it after all. Try some dungarees, straight pants or whatever it is that you’re not so sure of. If you can, go for shopping with a friend or friends who have an opposite taste and ask for their opinion. Please don’t take that friend who says yes to everything lol. Get someone who gives you an honest opinion but preferably in a nice way.


Bonus: discover one way of accessorizing that gets your blood rushing. Personally I love jewelry and its one way I add my personal flare to simple outfits. For someone it might be shoes or maybe jackets/blazers that giver her an extra touch. This points back to what dominates your wardrobe or what makes you feel happy or comfortable. Remember to feel good and comfortable all the time. Dress to make yourself happy coz you can never make the whole world happy anyway. Be you, be confident and be blessed.



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